Arkansas Assisted Living Facilities

There is certainly no shortage of Arkansas assisted living facilities. No wonder it is such a challenge to find the right one amid a sea of healthcare centers, all claiming they have the best of what there is. If you’ve been searching for the very best short or long term rehab center for your loved one, consider taking a closer look at Rogers Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Professionals in the industry highly recommend printing out a checklist to bring to a few of the facilities you have picked out as your top choices for placement. These can easily be found online by searching under ‘assisted living checklist’, however, it’s quite easy to make your own. Don’t forget to include a few of the following items on your personal checklist to ensure that the facility you choose is the right one for your loved one:

– Top on almost every list you’ll come across is finding a facility that feels like a home. Naturally, you would want your loved one to stay in one of the Arkansas assisted living facilities that makes them feel as though they are still part of a family- one that welcomes you to come and go as your schedule allows. Spending an adequate amount of time questioning the staff will ensure you find the right fit.

– Consider the location of the facility as well; whether it will be convenient for you to visit as often as you’d like. If you’ll have to sacrifice time spent with your loved one, you may not be choosing the right location. Make sure visiting hours match your schedule, and if not, inquire about how rigidly the hours are kept.

– Spend plenty of time interacting with the staff to find out if they are willing to answer all of your questions, if they have time to interact with you and if they are warm and welcoming every time you visit.

– Request a tour of the facility to discover if every corner of the center has a wholesome smell, and whether residents are kept engaged or are left abandoned at dead ends of hallways. Check to see whether residents are greeted by name as you tour the facility.

– Make sure the facility offers recreational activities that your loved one will enjoy. Spend a few minutes watching other residents as they engage in activity and see whether they are truly engaging or merely sitting in front of an activity that makes them look like they are participating.

– Inspect the bedrooms for the appropriate amount of space to ensure that your loved one will not be cramped. Find out if personal items are welcomed and if there is room for them.

These and other items will form the foundation of a solid visit to each of the Arkansas assisted living facilities that are on your list as prospects for care. You’ll certainly have a few items of your own to add.

Feel free to contact Rogers Health and Rehabilitation Center if you have any questions about their facility or wish to stop in for a tour. Their number is 479-636-6290. You’ll find Rogers Health to be everything you’ve been searching for in a facility- and much more.