Assisted Living Bentonville Ar

Finding the perfect assisted living facility in Bentonville, AR is certainly not an easy thing to do. It can require a significant amount of time to visit all of the centers you consider prospects and then an additional amount of time to choose from all of those. In your quest to find the right facility for your loved one, Rogers, Health and Rehabilitation Center invites you to stop by their facility to have a look around.

For short term and long term care, there is no other assisted living facility in all of Bentonville, AR that is able to compare in terms of services offered, qualified staff and medical team, amenities that make the center feel like home and recreation to keep your loved one engaged and happy.

Rogers Health provides award-winning short term therapy services that include occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing care, PT and much more with a goal of helping their residents achieve the highest possible level of independence.

Through physical therapy, Rogers Health will focus on remediation of impairments and disabilities, along with the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential as qualified physical therapists examine, evaluate, diagnose and intervene for the best possible outcome. If your loved one has experienced a stroke, a fall or fracture, knee of hip replacement or another medical condition that has inhibited their ability to perform normal daily functions, contact Rogers Health and Rehabilitation Center at 479-636-6290.

Occupational therapy can help residents at Rogers Health relearn daily activities that include personal hygiene, meal preparation, and homemaking. Therapists from Rogers Health utilize the right techniques and equipment to teach residents to complete these tasks while addressing cognitive, musculoskeletal and mobility issues.

Not all assisted living facilities in Bentonville, AR offer speech therapy that focuses on improving deficits in speech and swallowing, helping residents who are recovering from strokes and other injuries that impact their speech and/or swallowing. Working one-on-one with patients, the speed-language pathologists from Rogers Health use an interdisciplinary approach to improve communication through verbal, visual and.or gestural means.

You’ll find a complete list of services offered at Rogers Health when you visit Feel free to take advantage of the free resource of their website and learn more about what has made them one of the top-rated assisted living centers in Bentonville, AR.

Rogers Health offers the amenities you’ve been looking for in a nursing home, a wide range of recreational activities that will ensure they are engaged and happy as a resident, along with essential services every assisted living center should provide, including:

– Specialized wound care
– Dental and eye care
– 24/7 nursing care
– Compassionate hospice and respite care
– Vital Stim therapy
– Medical transport
– A licensed dietician on staff
– And much more

Feel free to stop by when your schedule allows or call 479-636-6290 if you have any questions about Rogers Health and Rehabilitation Center. We feel certain you won’t find a more caring or compassionate assisted living facility in all of Bentonville, AR. Assisted Living Bentonville Ar