detox facility Ventura County

detox facility Ventura County

If you’re experiencing repeated and severe alcohol or drug withdrawal, we invite you to our detox facility in Ventura County today. Enlight Treatment Center offers targeted detox services and patient-oriented care in a state-of-the-art facility. If you’re ready to quit addiction for good, joining our detox program is essential for a smooth, secure, and comfortable rehabilitation experience.

How detox works

Our substance use services include detox as the second phase in the treatment process. The first one is represented by the intake procedure, during which our professionals will perform in-depth clinical analysis and diagnosis. The goal is to assess your overall health status, gather information about your withdrawal and addiction condition, and identify any potential co-occurring mental health disorders.

With all the information available, the detoxification treatment may begin. The procedure will usually last several days, up to a week or even two, depending on your disorder’s severity and response to treatment. Our clinicians will use medication plans, therapy, and counseling sessions to help you:

  • Overcome the withdrawal faster and with as little discomfort as possible
  • Reduce addiction’s physical and psychological side-effects
  • Address internalized negative thoughts and emotions
  • Address the co-occurring disorders for a well-rounded recovery experience
  • Calm the nervous system and reset the neuropathways
  • Prepare the body and mind for upcoming recovery modalities, etc.

The detoxification procedure is an integral component of our alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA, providing people with swift solutions to withdrawal and co-occurring disorders.

Is drug detox painful?

Detox is the process of using medication and therapy to cleanse the body of any drug-related components while supporting the brain’s transition to a non-addictive state. Naturally, it will involve some physical and mental discomfort, depending on your addiction’s profile (severity, length, symptoms, etc.), the withdrawal’s severity, and any co-occurring disorders present. If you’ve ever attempted to quit your addiction cold-turkey, you may already know how it may feel like.

The big difference is that, at our facility, we strive to ensure a safe and comfortable substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County. Our team of reliable detox professionals will supervise the process 24/7 to make sure everything goes as planned. They will provide medication and psychiatric assistance to minimize the withdrawal’s effects and allow you to heal with minimum discomfort and physical and mental distress.

What happens after drug detox?

The detoxification procedure will only last several days, after which you automatically qualify for inpatient treatment. While the detox process is vital for a smooth and comfortable recovery experience, it’s not an all-encompassing modality. Our drug rehab and alcohol treatment protocol also includes residential services, dual diagnosis care, and holistic healing modalities as part of the rehabilitation process.

If you wish to learn more about our detox facility in Ventura County, we invite you to contact our detox and rehab team at 1-866-604-0727 today. You can discuss with our rehabilitation professionals at Enlight Treatment Center, make an appointment, and come to our rehab center for intake, detox treatment, and long-term recovery planning as soon as you’re ready.

detox facility Ventura County
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detox facility Ventura County
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