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Hollywood Drug Detox

Hollywood Drug Detox

If you’re trying to overcome addiction and can’t contain the withdrawal, you need Hollywood drug detox treatment soon. At West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center, we promote safe and comfortable rehabilitation in a home-like, supportive environment. We can handle all addiction types and provide you with viable long-term solutions to relapse and chronic co-occurring disorders.

Is detox necessary for recovery from drug addiction?

Yes, it is. The detoxification process combines medication with therapy and counseling to:

  • Minimize the withdrawal’s effects
  • Diminish the natural discomfort that comes with the detox procedure
  • Prevents overdosing and mismanaging medication
  • Ensures the patient’s safety and comfort during the detoxification treatment
  • Offers 24/7 clinical support
  • Allows professionals to tweak the treatment depending on your response and progress, etc.

More importantly, the procedure will prepare you for upcoming rehabilitation programs by stabilizing your nervous system, allowing you to control your emotions and behavior more effectively. Most addiction patients require detox in the preliminary phases of the rehab treatment.

Is drug detox painful?

Yes, the detox procedure will involve some form of physical and psychological discomfort, based on the substance you’re using, your addiction’s severity and length, and other factors. Our goal, however, is to minimize our patients’ discomfort during the treatment, ensuring a smooth and less painful detox experience.

Is detox enough to overcome drug addiction?

In most situations, no, it isn’t. However, we don’t rely on detox alone to help you overcome addiction. At our rehab center in Hollywood, the detox treatment is only the first phase in the recovery program, followed by residential treatment lasting several weeks. If necessary, we also offer access to outpatient programs designed to ensure long-lasting rehab assistance and guidance after completing the residential program.

Why is your Hollywood drug detox different?

There is one aspect that makes our detox program better and more effective than any other – flexibility. Not only will our rehab professionals tailor the detox program according to your clinical profile and recovery goals, but they can also tweak it depending on your response to the treatment. This flexibility level is unparalleled, allowing our team to handle any situation, no matter how severe or extraordinary, with the same level of expertise and effectiveness.

What happens after drug detox?

Completing the detoxification treatment will automatically make you eligible for our residential program. The residential program will place you in a controlled and luxurious environment, where you can focus on recovery and adopting a healthier lifestyle routine. The treatment focuses on medication management, dealing with co-occurring mental disorders, and addressing trauma, anger, stress, shame, etc. Upon completing the program, we can recommend partner rehab facilities that offer outpatient services and ongoing aftercare support if your recovery goals demand it.

If you’re ready to embark on our life-changing Hollywood drug detox journey, we invite you to contact our professionals today. Call West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center, speak to our clinicians, and come in for clinical evaluation and detox preparation. Quit addiction and begin the detox treatment as soon as possible to ensure life-long sobriety and healthy living!

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